During my travel through cyberspace, I created some tools to assist me in various tasks. And because the Open Source scene lives from even the smallest contributions, I thought sharing my projects is a must, especially because I learned so much from other open-sourced tools out there! So, here we go:

  • BARF, the Breakpoint-assisted rough fuzzer, is a tool to do intelligent bruteforcing. The “intelligent” part comes from watching breakpoints and counting how often they were hit. Input is fed into the target program, character-wise, and the character with the best score wins.
  • pancap, an automatic analysis program for PCAP files. At the moment, it mostly analyzes ARP, DHCP and DNS traffic, while also being able to understand simple HTTP and FTP streams.
  • afl-transmit: transfers American Fuzzy Lop (AFL) files over a mesh to fuzz across multiple servers with compression, encryption, and focus on stability and minimalism
  • librucksack: allows executables to be truly portable by hooking file read and write calls and answering them from cache without touching the filesystem

… every now and then, some not-to-be-taken-too-seriously software forms under my fingertips, which can still be a good training and proof-of-concept: